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Galveston Commissioner Ken Clark Files for Re-Election
Seeks to Continue Working for Precinct 4 Residents

GALVESTON, TX (December 8, 2017) - Galveston County Commissioner Ken Clark filed today for re-election as Precinct 4 Commissioner with the Galveston County Republican Party. Originally elected in 1998, Commissioner Clark has dedicated his tenure on the Galveston County Commissioner's Court to focusing on ensuring limited government that works for the people of Galveston County, reducing taxes, improving critical infrastructure, limiting debt, and ensuring that the County is in a financial position to attract investment. 

Indeed, since FY 2012 Galveston County has cut its debt by 40% rating has gone from AA to AAA - one of only nine counties in the United States to have done so.

Known as "the Hardest Working Commissioner in Galveston County," Ken Clark has been re-elected overwhelmingly since 2002 - reflecting his open-door accountability to his constituents while eliciting the best and brightest of the community's constituency, resources and ideas as Galveston County continues to grow. Commissioner Clark's strong connection to the community, he was instrumental in securing passage of the 2000, 2008 and 2017 bond issues to fund infrastructure projects.

"Galveston County is proving that with hard work and dedication, we can reduce taxes while ensuring that we have smart and efficient government that protects Galveston families and prepares for the future," Commissioner Clark said.

"Ken Clark is a solid conservative, and he has served his constituents well," said Chris Stevens, Former Chairman of the Galveston County Republican Party. "Galveston County has benefited from his leadership, and we look forward to continuing to reap the reward of his undying energy and effort on behalf of the county."

"While we have made great strides in reducing debt, right-sizing government and lowering taxes, Galveston County's citizen continue to be vulnerable to both natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and financial disasters caused by over-zealous government," Commissioner Clark said. "I am running for re-election to make sure that Galveston's citizens are not victims of run-away government - even as they recover from one natural disaster and prepare for the next one."

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